85,000 Thoughts a Day

On average a person has 85,000 thoughts a day.  We are free to think anything we want and that power is unlimited.  Most of the thoughts we have today (90%) are the same thoughts we had yesterday – which is exactly how we recreate the same stuff over and over in our lives.  Would you like to create thoughts of what you really want in life? – Rather than the same limitations on a day to day basis.

Fall leavesSo many of our thoughts are fed by fear of what might happen to us, or what we hope doesn’t happen.  We can recognize this by the language we use “I hope I don’t lose my job.” or “I never win the lottery, but I’ll buy a ticket anyway.”  We create opportunities (or Not) by the thoughts we choose to feed with our emotions (intention).  We can’t feed all our thoughts, yet there are some that get our attention, we repeat them (feeding) and they begin to manifest.  Sometimes this is a good thing when we are awake and aware as we choose which thoughts to focus on….when we are looking at what we want in life.  Often we are not even conscious of our thoughts because they seem so familiar.  This is our family patterns.  Lots of our family patterns (thought processes) work well for us and some, NOT at all.   It is time to take a clear look at what your thoughts are and a Rapid Eye session allows you the ability to observe your choices and choose again if they aren’t what you want.

RET can assist you to stay out of fear,  fight your way out of negative thinking and focus on the good in yourself and your life.  Now is the time to create change in your life and increase your available energy.  Use a Rapid Eye session to clear the old patterns acquired from family and environment that keep us on the treadmill of hesitation and fear.  Experience life with new eyes, new energy and create amazing results.

Claudia Bianca, MRET is a Master Rapid Eye Therapist/RET Trainer sharing more than twenty years of private practice with Rapid Eye Technology.  She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, Reiki Attunements and Rapid Eye Certifications and workshops.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and thank you



85,000 Thoughts a Day — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Lori….. so glad you got to experience a Rapid Eye session… it is truly amazing the shifts that take place in a short amount of time. Looking forward to our next session…

  2. Hi claudia! I made it to Hawaii and am enjoying the ocean and island air. I am so glad I was able to attend a session with you before moving. I have definitely felt a shift in the framework of my thinking and a more positive light in the way I view situations…enjoying a new sense of calm! I look forward to another session in the future!
    Love and Aloha!!!

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