Art of REALLY Listening

So many clients talk about not feeling heard – in relationships, at work and in the family.  Listening is quickly falling to a lost art.  We used to spend hours a day sitting in a class and you had to listen.  Now it is all about engagement of the student and distractions with the technology.

If your partner is constantly telling you that they don’t feel heard, maybe something need to shift.

IMG_3683  If people are expressing frustration when they bring a new idea to you and can’t even complete the picture without interruption, maybe something needs to shift.   If your head is always down looking at your phone as you walk through your community, maybe something needs to shift.

Humans are social animals and as such we need to feel connected in our relationships and community.  Isolation is the fastest growing cause of depression in our country.  Most people come to ideas, beliefs and opinions based on experiences.  How often do we dismiss without knowing what their experience is?  For today, let someone share their experience and listen with your heart and both ears.  When the bubble pops up in your head of what you want to say in response, erase it.  Just listen.  Let go of the need to respond.  When a person feels heard, we really have the foundation of communication and learning from each other.  We have two ears and one mouth – that could be an indicator of how much we are to use them.  The gift of really hearing someone is priceless… is the gift of speaking with concise clarity and compassion.

In working with Energy Healing Techniques, I have learned that none of us are broken and none of us needs to be fixed. I believe that we try to make the best choices in our lives based on the information we have available to us in the moment. We make what appears to be the “best” choice and then a moment later, seeing the results, we have more feedback and awareness that may help us to make a different choice. Simply, when we are overloaded with stress, we don’t/can’t/won’t make good choices. Stress throws us into the modality of fear and erodes our self-confidence.  When we choose from a place of fear; fearful outcomes result each and every time.

Claudia Bianca, MRET is a Master Rapid Eye Therapist in Energy Healing Techniques sharing more than 9500 clinical hours and twenty four years of private practice.  She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, workshops, and Reiki Attunements.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and thank you.  You can email for more information.

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