Insecurity Destroys Hope…

Finding our own inner strength can be a winding journey rather than a direct path.  This year there are waves of energy hitting our planet to increase our awareness and expand our intuition.  Sometimes this energy can seem like a ripple that gets our attention or a brick that changes everything.  It is different for everyone.   Yet, pay attention!!
To live without awareness can make us feel like the shiny ball inside a pinball machine bouncing and yet getting nowhere we thought we wanted to go.  Finding our inner strength takes practice – speaking up for ourselves, responding when something feels unsupportive to us,  having forethought to where we want to be, and being fully responsible for what happens in our own life.

Some people are more than willing to give their power away to someone who appears strong and will save them – with disastrous results.  Yet, with practice, we can learn to trust in our own knowing of what is right and wrong, and what needs to be done in our life to make things better.   Just as when we were a little child, we stayed close to Mom when we felt insecure and then, gradually, we practiced being independent.  We moved from the protection thinking (which speaks to defensive “us versus them” thinking) to thinking that spoke to our own hope for ourselves and others in the world.   We understood that what we do in the world affects others and took full responsibility for that.  We learned to trust ourselves and developed HOPE in our life.   Insecurity destroys hope and strength will build it.  Strength is to believe enough in yourself to take action and to step out of the victim role of reaction (like the ball in the pinball machine).  Constructing your reality with hope, not fear, can allow your life to bloom just like the flowers in spring. Remove the blocks you have to letting yourself shine in this world…and BE the light.

Energy Healing Techniques including Rapid Eye Therapy, Reiki, polarity, imagery, and self-care tools assist you in clearing out the closet of what no longer serves you, sharpening your focus and resolving old stuck thinking that recreates ‘same stuff, different day’ over and over.   Rapid Eye uses blinking, breathing and bilateral eye movement techniques to assist the body with processing.

Clear your stress, reawaken your natural REM sleep process (with RET) and live the life you desire.   This drug-free modality will assist you in your journey safely, quickly and naturally.  Processing your fear, pain, shame and guilt will give you increased resilience to change, greater clarity and deeper insight.

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares more than 10,000 clinical hours and 30 years in Energy Healing Techniques.  She has been seeing clients in Taos and Summit County since 2002.

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