Grow Your Humanity

Feeing trapped by life right now?  A challenging realization during these times of accelerated change is that WE are our only jail keeper.  We are running the patterns that sabotage our life (that is the good news).  We get to experience accountability for the choices we make and the experiences those choices create.   Everything we are thinking, feeling and manifesting in our life is a result of our choices. Continue reading

Feeling Unworthy?

Have you bought into the pattern that runs telling you “that you are unworthy”?  Other people are more connected that you are?   Life is easy for them and it all seems unfair?  It is simply not true.   How do I know that?  Because we are all equally connected in life – some just aren’t able to pay as much attention day to day living and seem to have more distractions in their life.   If you have lots of distractions, it is a good indicator that you have subconscious patterns running that are sabotaging your life.  Continue reading

Are Connections Independent?

We like to view ourselves as independent creatures…independent from each other, our environment, our means of earning a living, our driving techniques, and our verbiage.   Yet, I have come to realize that is impossible.   Our evolution as humans has enhanced our ability to connect first as a tribe, then a family, then a community, a State, a Nation and now it is global.    This seemed to happen overnight, yet the progression has been gradual.  Continue reading

The Movie… “The Living Matrix”

Wanted to take a moment to review this movie since it is so tied into the work we do with Rapid Eye Technology.  This is a great marriage of quantum physics, biology and the newer ‘stuff’ we are learning about.   Long ago, Newtonian Physics created a world of separation from ourselves and others by focusing on the matter of life and ignoring the field.  Looking at the body as a machine with separate parts that run exclusively of each other.  This is rigid cause and effect.   Continue reading