The Movie… “The Living Matrix”

Wanted to take a moment to review this movie since it is so tied into the work we do with Rapid Eye Technology.  This is a great marriage of quantum physics, biology and the newer ‘stuff’ we are learning about.   Long ago, Newtonian Physics created a world of separation from ourselves and others by focusing on the matter of life and ignoring the field.  Looking at the body as a machine with separate parts that run exclusively of each other.  This is rigid cause and effect.   Continue reading

Feel Like Eating an Elephant?

Why does life get so overwhelming at times?  It can seem that you have a whole elephant to eat in a few minutes or you will be booted off this amazing race called life.   This is a typical result of feeling overwhelmed and before you can reach the place of being able to digest what life is serving up, you need to reduce, reuse and recycle.   Continue reading

Life Reflecting What We Want?

When we desire a new relationship, job or level of self esteem and it doesn’t show up for us, we look outside ourselves for something to blame.  Einstein said “The field is the sole governing agency of the particles.”  This was the opposite of what science was studying – their focus was on the particles not the field. Continue reading

Pro-Active Health

So often, we are at ‘effect’ of our health and healing.   We put a bandage on after the cut has happened or take an aspirin after the headache arrives.  What would proactive health look like?  Using our power of awareness we would tap into our subtle levels of information and listen to the bodily cues we usually ignore.  Continue reading