What I Create

No more waffling….time to choose what we really want in life and choose clearly and with intent.  This is a time to take a stand for what we want, choose openly and hold on for the sudden opportunities that show up when we live our lives in this manner.  If we only set goals at the new year and ignore them all the rest of the time, we won’t be successful.

The body is habitual and it takes about 21 days to break a habit in the body – so 21 Continue reading

Untouchable Holiday Grief

Not all grief is alike.  When we (or close family/friends) experience holiday grief, it can take many forms.

The most dramatic is when we have lost someone we love, and the holiday season with all the Norman Rockwell moments can make us feel that loss deeply.  Something as simple as unpacking the ornaments to decorate the tree can bring up emotions that overwhelm us quickly.   Continue reading

Emotional Pain Impacts Health

Jane frantically called mid-morning with anxiety, frustration, and fear.   She was breathing rapidly, shallowly and thought she might be having a panic attack.   She began telling her story and crying in between sentences.  First, I suggested she put the phone down and quickly tap gently on the sides of her temples while saying “stop it, stop it, STOP IT” over and over again.   She did this for about a minute and finally was able to breathe normally and communicate clearly.  Now that she calmed down, her work can begin.  Continue reading

How Can I Have a Nice Day?

Often when someone talks to us on the phone, or sees us in passing or sends a text, they say “Have a nice day!”  So how come sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t?  Let’s talk intention here.  When you think of having a nice day, what does that contain?  Lots to do…nothing to do?  Seeing friends or being alone?  Having no intention about the day at all? Continue reading

Energy Healing – A Neurological Perspective

Exactly what is happening when I am having an Energy Healing Technique with Rapid Eye?  A psychological/physiological recap by Dr. Alexander is – the body is reprocessing the information through REM sleep duplication.  During REM sleep the body is doing a neurological reconsolidation process.  This process allows the body to revisit the event without the emotional sting normally associated with traumatic (trauma is any event we don’t have the emotional tools to deal with) events.  See it from many different perspectives and create a different response.  Continue reading