How Can I Increase Self-Confidence?

What is missing that would enable me to make better choices, see more opportunities and feel good about my life?  Self-confidence.  I seem to be on a treadmill of repeating the same dull choices over and over in my life and I am beginning to get bored.  I thought life would be exciting – it seems to me that others have an exciting life filled with new opportunities.  What is missing for me? What am I forgetting? Continue reading

Spring Choices Are Potent for You!

As spring approaches, there are many surprises at hand…like a sudden snowstorm,  people coming and going on vacations, or friends moving on from our lives.  These surprises can confuse the body and confound the mind so much so that clear thinking seems unattainable.  Continue reading

Why Do We Have Pain?

Is there a good reason for pain in our physical body?  We live in a world of pain and ecstasy – comfort and discomfort.   It’s a good reminder of how attached we are to seeing ourselves only as physical beings.  The Dalai Lama has often said “the back has pain” or “the body has pain” as he carefully points out that he is not his body. Continue reading

Insecurity Destroys Hope…

Finding our own inner strength can be a winding journey rather than a direct path.  This year there are waves of energy hitting our planet to increase our awareness and expand our intuition.  Sometimes this energy can seem like a ripple that gets our attention or a brick that changes everything.  It is different for everyone.   Yet, pay attention!!
Continue reading

I Don’t Know Who I Really am…

After trying meditation, journaling, walking and reading numerous books, I still don’t feel like I know my true self.

Getting in touch with our intuitive knowing can be a challenge that gets the best of us at times.  Knowing whether you are in touch with your inner self is a combination of both hindsight and being present.  At first, things happen and when we think back (hindsight) to just before they happened, we had an inkling of what was going to happen.   I remember cutting my hand as I held a potato in one hand and a knife in the other.  Continue reading