Untouchable Holiday Grief

Not all grief is alike.  When we (or close family/friends) experience holiday grief, it can take many forms.

The most dramatic is when we have lost someone we love, and the holiday season with all the Norman Rockwell moments can make us feel that loss deeply.  Something as simple as unpacking the ornaments to decorate the tree can bring up emotions that overwhelm us quickly.  snow angel Most of our family and friends will be aware of this loss and hopefully can support us through the season by making opportunities to be able to talk, remember, and even share laughter.  The understanding that often we don’t know what will cause us to react is comforting when those around us allow us to fully experience our feelings.

There is also a loss when someone we love and still have in our life has changed in a significant way.   This change can come about by illness (especially mental illness or dementia), traumatic brain injury, alcoholism, or drug use.  They are no longer the person we knew and remembered.

Positive changes can also cause us grief – a personal change of religion, marriage, or a rebirth moment with drugs, alcohol or any intense change.  This can make our loved ones become myopic in their talk and behavior and we can no longer relate.

We also experience grief when someone has an illness that changes their life and limits their quality of living.  Friends, family, and caregivers experience the anticipatory grief of a possible eventual death.  When someone you love is diagnosed the grief is experienced by the patient, and loved ones as well.   The loss of our future plans, even our sense of safety and security.

The grief we experience with our own life changes is real as well.  Changes as we age, that change our lifestyle or create a transition to giving up a part of life we used to enjoy (like losing our ability to drive).  Transition speaks of uncertainty, and we are not sure where our feet will land afterward.

Grief is always about attachment and separation, and not always about death.  We must recognize our own grieving and help others to see it as well.  It is important that as we feel this loss, we find confidants, counselors, and support to assist us in the journey.  Acknowledgment of grief goes a long way in the validation of our emotions and leads to feeling better as we work through our feelings to release and reframe the loss.

Using Energy Healing modalities will clear your stress, reawaken your natural REM sleep process (with RET) and allow you to live the life you desire.   This drug-free modality will assist you in your journey safely, quickly and naturally.  Processing your grief, fear, pain, shame and guilt will give you increased resilience to change, greater clarity and deeper insight.

Getting back to a centered life is a process.  The techniques I share with clients not only resolve the full plate they arrive with, but also create tools in their lives that allow them to manage everyday stresses with new found clarity and purpose.  As they reveal and heal the trapped pain in their life, it becomes the fuel for new beginnings which then attract new opportunities.

Claudia Bianca, MRET and Reiki Master has more than 30 years and 9500 clinical hours in Energy Healing Techniques.  She has been seeing clients in Summit County since 2002.

All of us want to be appreciated and loved!


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