What is My Intuitive Connection?

It begins with balance.  First, we must commit ourselves to right action along with spiritual awareness.  Combining these two creates an accountability and responsibility for our own choices, paths and outcomes.

Our intuitive connection is that ability to check in with our body/mind systems and not solely rely on logic or impulse.  We check in by just taking a moment to notice how what we just said, thought or did affected our internal flow.  Is the flow calm, our heartbeat normal and our thought pattern clear?  Or is the flow disjointed, feeling agitated, racing heart, confusion and blocked? 

It’s a simple Nano-second process… if it feels comfortable you are in truth.  If it feels uncomfortable, you have some incorrect thinking going on.  When that happens, take a time out.  Whether it is a walk, a few minutes outside, or just a bathroom break with some deep breathing.  By all means, don’t ignore this discomfort and try to just push through it, you will cause physical symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to downright panicky.

Give everything time to calm down.  When you and your heartbeat are calm, ask the question “What is the best direction for me now?” and then wait.  Let your intuitive connections come to you….they can sometimes seem like a lightbulb, a feeling, options, or a knowing.  They will feel calm (even if you are excited at the prospect) and things will begin to flow.  One solution after another will come to you…as if something or someone (and it’s YOU) were showing you a map.   Aligning our commitment to right action and our spiritual awareness is the challenge for each of us.  It doesn’t just happen and if you choose to do this work, it may feel uncomfortable and challenging at first but as you muster your courage to walk through, the gift of your intuitive connections and ability to be your authentic self will last a lifetime.

Use an Energy Healing session to clear the old patterns acquired from family and environment that keep us unconsciously responding to people and events.  Feel what it is like to really be present in everyday living.  Experience life with new eyes, new energy and create amazing results.

Energy Healing Techniques including Rapid Eye Therapy, Reiki, polarity, imagery, and self-care tools assist you in clearing out the closet of what no longer serves you, sharpening your focus and resolving old stuck thinking that re-creates ‘same stuff, different day’ over and over.   Rapid Eye uses blinking, breathing and bilateral eye movement techniques to assist the body with processing.

Clear your stress, reawaken your natural REM sleep process (with RET) and live the life you desire.   This drug-free modality will assist you in your journey safely, quickly and naturally.  Processing your fear, pain, shame, and guilt will give you increased resilience to change, greater clarity and deeper insight.

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares more than 10,000 clinical hours and 30 years in Energy Healing Techniques.  She has been seeing clients in Summit County since 2002.



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