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Claudia Bianca, MRET

  • Master Rapid Eye Therapist
  • Energy Healing Techniques
  • Reiki Seichim Master

At 17 years old, the day after high school graduation, Claudia left home to go out on her own.  Growing up in a dysfunctional family of molestation and abuse, somehow made the outside world seem safer to her than home.  Beginning in her late 20’s she spent 10 years in cognitive therapy dealing with the abuse and molestation, all to no avail.   Claudia was repeatedly told “you will always be a victim (or a survivor) of abuse” and to “just get over it”.

    “Claudia is an authentic healer who knows how to invest in the well-being of others, and is willing to share anything she has at her disposal to help people unburden themselves of past trauma.”   GM

She lived in the West Slope of Colorado from 1968 to 1984.  In 1984 she left Colorado and moved to Oregon with her family.  Claudia experienced an abrupt divorce and became a single Mother when her daughter was just 18 months old.  Claudia recalls, “energy healing proved to be a valuable tool in navigating all the change I was experiencing both personally and professionally.  This was a lifesaver for me.   I was able to quickly diffuse the emotional charge of situations and allow a new perspective to emerge.  As I changed how I looked at what was happening around me, those situations carried less uncontrollable impact and drama in my life.  Without all the negative limiting perspectives, I was able to make clearer choices.”

In 1986 she met and began work with Ranae Johnson, Founder of RET.  Not only did Claudia’s personal work in creating a miraculous shift in her own life, she also found her passion.  It worked for her when nothing else had.   She says “At the completion of my own work, it seemed as if my childhood trauma happened to someone else because it had so little energy around it, and that gift continues to this day.”

Certified Master Rapid Eye TechnicianAfter 6 years on the research and development team with Ranae, she became a certified RETech and started seeing clients in 1992.   Claudia has logged more than 11,000 clinical hours and finds great joy in the reward of helping others to empower themselves, resolve issues and learn the tools to create the life they actually want.  She reflects, “To observe a client completely shift their life path, embrace their true self and their experiences is such an honor in my own life.  Often a client is at a true crossroads in their life because they have tried everything else before.  This work creates positive change in their life where any resolution had appeared hopeless to them.”

In 2001, Claudia’s daughter was accepted to Colorado College.  Claudia moved to Taos, New Mexico and opened an Energy Healing Techniques center to afford clients the opportunity to personally grow and learn while basking in the amazing energy of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of the Rockies.  It took two years to find a home suitable to the task.  The beauty and energy of Casa Luz Del Alma (house of the light of the soul) has emerged as an inviting, safe place where clients feel the loving, supportive energy of this sacred ground.   Taos is built on a bed of obsidian which, according to Love is in the Earth by Melody;

…allows both the reflection of the challenges and the promotion of a clear picture of the changes which are necessary to shift the energy.  The energy of obsidian produces blunt answers, focuses ones inner vision and stimulates a picture or vision of the course of action.   It is an excellent grounding, protective stone and connects us to the heart of the Earth.  This stone is useful in healing, providing clarity.”

Claudia has now lived in Taos since 2002.  Casa Luz Del Alma has become all she envisioned (and more) as reflected by testimonials of those who have attended workshops or done their personal work in beautiful Taos, New Mexico.

Claudia’s daughter Corinne and son-in-law Say Tan celebrated their wedding at Casa Luz Del Alma in September 2009.  They currently reside in Singapore.

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Claudia’s RET Education

Rapid Eye Technology, Research Team 1986-1992
Certified Rapid Eye Therapist, August 21, 1992
Advanced Training Rapid Eye, May, 21, 1995
Master Rapid Eye Therapist, September 15, 1995
Rapid Eye Single Situation Processing Technique (SSPT) Trainer, August 28, 2000
Enhanced MRET Training September 19, 2005
Rapid Eye Trainer March 2007
Reiki Master 1992 (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th degree)
Neuro Linguistic Programming Master (NLP)
Member of A.C.E.P. (Assoc. for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)
Member of A.B.M.P. (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals)
Monthly Life Skills Columnist for Summit Daily News

RET Master


Claudia is a Master RETech, and Reiki Master.  She has logged over 11,000 clinical hours with clients in Energy Healing Techniques.   Her passionate presentation for this work will inspire you and fill you with hope while it empowers you to make it all happen.  Join her for a workshop, Immersion or attunement and completely change your life.  All this takes place in beautiful TAOS New Mexico.


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“I thought the Taos, New Mexico location was  perfect for our class…the energy was phenomenal and the small size of the class was perfect for creating an intimate environment with lots of attention for the new students. Claudia was so professional, knowledgeable, inspiring, loving, caring, compassionate and patient. I am grateful and it was FUN.” MA

“Being in a small group in a relaxed atmosphere allowed me to learn in a loving and open way.  I think this is what it’s all about.  The one on one helps solidified my learning and gave me confidence.” MB

Claudia offers individual sessions and session packages to those interested in resolution. The process of resolving your destructive core thought patterns is truly remarkable and freeing. Enjoy life and increase your energy level. Three to five-day immersion programs are also available – do your work in one week.

“I cannot thank you enough for the Immersion experience. It was wonderful and an incredible experience. Thank you for giving your life to this mission, so that we might live our lives to their fullest potential. So many feelings of gratitude for you and so few words — thank you again.” PK

Reiki Attunements

Claudia has been a Reiki practitioner since 1992 and is a Master Teacher.  Reiki I, Reiki II and Master (Reiki III & IV) attunements are offered on a regular basis.  These attunements are open to everyone.

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Claudia has appeared on Television, Radio, and as a guest speaker numerous times sharing Energy Healing Techniques, Life Skills and the many breakthroughs clients have received.

“Claudia has appeared on my talk show Parapsychology Today numerous times. She is intelligent, articulate and able to explain complicated ideas and theories in layman’s terms. She was always well received by our viewers, many calling to say how much they enjoyed the show. Claudia made the show more than just ‘talking heads’ with her visuals and persona. She is an excellent guest and made my job as producer and host very easy.” Pauline Nortness, Producer & Host


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