Difficult Person in Your Life?

We all have that person that just seems to hook us, reel us in and before we know it, we are in a screaming match – or worse yet, we feel bad about ourselves and that we have done something wrong.  Consider that the difficult person is a bully.   Low self-esteem is the mark of a bully and they are predatory – living to attack the weak.  When you are tired, stressed and unfocused, bullies smell that and go in for the attack.

Red Hot PokerWhat can we do to deal with bullies?  First of all, take care of ourselves – really take care.  Do you pay attention to the messages your body is giving and attend to your health?  Do you rest?  Do you avoid complainers and complaining?  Do you genuinely work on your personal attitude and change those patterns that make you vulnerable to attack?  Do you often feel anger and resentment?  These emotions attract bullies like bait.

Spend time focusing on your personal well-being and spiritual growth.  When you are strong in your boundaries and beliefs you are present and more able to remain detached with a bully and not engage in the same behavior they are exhibiting.  Giving back what they give will engage you and feed the conflict.  When you increase your personal awareness, you can more consciously create the life you desire and be a person of action rather than reaction.   Use an energy clearing session to release the patterns that no longer serve you or your life’s path. 

In working with Energy Healing Techniques, I have learned that none of us are broken and none of us needs to be fixed. I believe that we try to make the best choices in our lives based on the information we have available to us in the moment. We make what appears to be the “best” choice and then a moment later, seeing the results, we have more feedback and awareness that may help us to make a different choice. Simply, when we are overloaded with stress, we don’t/can’t/won’t make good choices. Stress throws us into the modality of fear and erodes our self-confidence.  When we choose from a place of fear; fearful outcomes result each and every time.

Claudia Bianca, MRET is a Master Rapid Eye Therapist in Energy Healing Techniques sharing more than 9500 clinical hours and twenty four years of private practice.  She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, workshops, and Reiki Attunements.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and thank you.  You can email seeublink@aol.com for more information.

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