Feeling Unfulfilled?

Have you tried over and over to maintain a feeling of fulfillment – all to no avail?   This leads to disappointment in life, ourselves and others.  We can feel spiritually bankrupt.  Let’s switch this around.

If we know the steps that lead us to true fulfillment (or even the questions to ask), we can duplicate them with miraculous results.  Our soul feels fulfilled by first, human experience.  That is why we chose to come here at all.  Human experience can be a vacation, adventure or lifestyle.  It can also be a kiss, touch or connection with another.  It can be comfortable and loving, or uncomfortable and anxious.  Do we actively ask for experience or simply bump up against what life delivers?  One way feels empowering and directed and the other keeps us in the victim mode.  So ask the question “What do I want to experience in life?” and then meditate to hear your answer.

Deepak Chopra – Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet,

it’s a way of entering the quiet that is already there.

Second, from these experiences, the soul receives growth on a spiritual, mental and emotional basis.  This growth can come in the form of an AHA that completely changes our direction in life or a simple nudge to shift our perspective and change the trajectory we are on.  Again, ask the question “What way can I experience growth that is in my highest and best interest?”

Now that we have the experience and the growth that comes from it, what’s next?  Take that growth and experience and figure out a way to contribute to others with it.  Often, we experience tremendous growth in our lives and tuck it away in a secret place only we know about.  Yet, if through that process, we can find a way to contribute (or give back) to this life that has gifted us this knowledge, we can experience divine fulfillment.  Want to be happy?  Make others happy. We can make a difference in this life simply because there is only ONE of you.  You are unique and one of a kind….you are here to share and give of your one of a kind gifts.

Take the next step and clear your old thinking that triggers anger, frustration, and guilt. Keep your stress load down so you can uncover your gifts.  You can process this one session at a time or do a large chunk of work called an Immersion.  In my practice, I have offered Immersion work for more than 25 years and observe that when clients are ready they can progress by leaps and bounds with Immersions of just a few days and sessions somewhere in the 8 to 12 number.  Getting a lot of anxiety, stress, and fear off the plate, allows the body/mind connections to release and reframe and literally change how we see our life experience and get us out of overwhelm. Wake up the body’s natural processing techniques with Energy healing with Rapid Eye and it will turn on the body’s natural stress release and reframe process of REM sleep eye movement, blinking and breathing.  Stress is fast becoming the number one reason for illness and even death.

Energy Healing Techniques including Rapid Eye Therapy, Reiki, polarity, imagery, and self-care tools assist you in clearing out the closet of what no longer serves you, sharpening your focus and resolving old stuck thinking that recreates ‘same stuff, different day’ over and over.   Rapid Eye uses blinking, breathing and bilateral eye movement techniques to assist the body with processing its frightened parts.

Clear your stress, reawaken your natural REM sleep process (with RET) and live the life you desire.   This drug-free modality will assist you in your journey safely, quickly and naturally.  Processing your fear, pain, shame, and guilt will give you increased resilience to change, greater clarity and deeper insight.

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares more than 11,000 clinical hours and 30 years in Energy Healing Techniques.  She has been seeing clients in Summit County since 2002.

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