Feeling Unworthy?

Have you bought into the pattern that runs telling you “that you are unworthy”?  Other people are more connected that you are?   Life is easy for them and it all seems unfair?  It is simply not true.   How do I know that?  Because we are all equally connected in life – some just aren’t able to pay as much attention day to day living and seem to have more distractions in their life.   If you have lots of distractions, it is a good indicator that you have subconscious patterns running that are sabotaging your life. 

 These patterns don’t have to be yours, they can easily be a belief system you grew up with or in to.   Examples would be ‘rich people have it easy’, ‘no one understands the pain I’ve had’, ‘they are in love, so all is perfect in their lives’, or ‘they have a job, they are so lucky’…..not necessarily.  Recognize that you have a pattern of self sabotage running when your life seems to derail, your body feels uncomfortable more often than not, and your energy is sapped.  To keep these false patterns running in our body/mind system is exhausting.   Life shouldn’t feel like you are always “on the edge”.   The ride is more neutral than that.   We all have things in life that trigger us.  When the triggers happen with more and more frequency, it is time to safely release some of our stress load.  

With patterns running in an unconscious mode, it takes us from the present moment and catapults us into the future or past.  We speak and act unconsciously and the fallout can be overwhelming.  Then we beat ourselves up and our energy sinks even lower.  Rapid Eye Technology can access these patterns that no longer work in our lives, release them and create a new pattern of connection and support.  This is done without diagnosis, drugs, or machines – it is our body’s natural process of REM sleep and a gentle, safe modality that creates dramatic change in a short amount of time. This change happens quickly because you, the client, are using your own tools that work for you rather than taking on someone else’s ideas and trying to fit your life into their box. 

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares twenty years in private practice with Rapid Eye Technology. She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, Reiki Attunements and Rapid Eye Certifications and workshops.

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