Grow Your Humanity

Feeing trapped by life right now?  A challenging realization during these times of accelerated change is that WE are our only jail keeper.  We are running the patterns that sabotage our life (that is the good news).  We get to experience accountability for the choices we make and the experiences those choices create.   Everything we are thinking, feeling and manifesting in our life is a result of our choices.

We are constantly making choices…to honor or disrespect ourselves, others and our community.  You cannot think of yourself as a humanitarian and flip off the driver next to you at the same time.  The ripple effect of that action is huge.  We wonder why we are so aggressive in our behavior.  This can even be skiing up behind someone with no warning and ‘getting off’ on watching them flinch.  What triggers that?  What is the intention?  Feelings of powerlessness and ineffectual behavior often are the flint to this particular match.

Next time you start a sentence with the words, “I have to…” – please stop.  These are the words of feeling “trapped” and when we release the patterns that keep us trapped and replace the words with what we want to create, things shift quickly.  When you hear yourself say “I have to”, replace it with what you would rather have.  Choice is what makes us a creature or creator of circumstance.  Notice that when we talk about choice, it goes hand in hand with accountability.  They are linked and inseparable.  The effects of your choices are on yourself, others and your community – and that is the accountability of a healthy individual.

Life shouldn’t feel like you are always “on the edge”.   The ride is more neutral than that.   We all have things in life that trigger us.  When the triggers happen with more and more frequency, it is time to safely release some of our stress load and get back on track.  

Rapid Eye Technology can access these patterns that no longer work in our lives, release them and create a new pattern of connection and support.  This is done without diagnosis, drugs, or machines – it is our body’s natural process of REM sleep and a gentle, safe modality that creates dramatic change in a short amount of time. This change happens quickly because you, the client, use your own tools rather than taking on someone else’s ideas and trying to fit your life into their box. 

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares twenty years in private practice with Rapid Eye Technology. She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, Reiki Attunements and Rapid Eye Certifications and workshops.


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