It is Futile to Resist

We can feel ourselves close off in the face of pain – just like a snake recoils ready to strike out at the threat of hurt.   If we allow our heart to close around the pain in the moment of jealousy, insecurity, anger, fear, frustration or embarrassment, then we get to own it for a very long time.

During a conversation, someone says something upsetting, and the feeling of disturbance touches out heart.  Then our mind begins it chatter:  “I don’t have to put up with this.  I’ll just walk away and never talk to them again.  They’ll be sorry.” Your heart is pulling back from the pain to protect itself so that it doesn’t have to experience the feeling.again   As long as you believe you can’t handle the pain, your reaction will be one of closing off to protect yourself.  Once you close your heart, your mind will build an entire psychological structure around this closed energy.  Your thoughts will try to rationalize why you’re right, why the other person is wrong, and what you should do about it.  This trapped pain will become the building blocks for our future reactions, thoughts, and preferences.  If you have the clarity to be the observer when this happens, you will want to be free of this trap – to acquire the freedom, we must be willing to release the pain.  Remember it’s just energy.

Instead of closing to the pain, stay present and allow it to pass through you like the wind.  I often use this imagery when I am in the garden and a breeze arrives – I stop and ask it to remove the pain from my body.    If we can remain consciously attentive during times of pain, we can release it and not remain its keeper for the rest of our lives.  We ALL have inner pain….that is a very human condition.  Things happen every day that cause us to experience an inner disturbance.  We can feel the contraction of the heart in an effort to push it away.  As long as we fight having human feelings, we will maintain a home for them in our bodies.  The moment you are not afraid of the pain, you are able to face all of life’s situations without fear.

In my experience, we need to open to our divine truth.  Many of you have asked me what is created by the Energy Healing that I subscribe to. Well, it’s an opening to something greater and for just a moment looking through the door gives us a bigger perspective. It is in this inner work where spirituality becomes a reality. Then, we are at choice as to whether to step through it or not – to own it as part of our life. In the work I do, the body’s natural process of this awakening during REM sleep is turned back on. Join me?

Once you are paying attention, you can use self-care tools to reframe and release the stored energy – unless you ignore it to the point of overwhelm.  When overwhelm hits and depression, anger, grief, sadness, frustration or rage is present – it may be time to find a process that can assist the body by waking up its natural processing technique with REM sleep eye movement, blinking and breathing.  Energy healing with Rapid Eye is an excellent tool to turn back on the body’s natural stress release and reframe process.   We ALL have stress – it’s fast becoming the number one reason for illness and even death.

Remember you aren’t dealing with just the stored emotions in your present day life but stored, unresolved emotions from past generations as well.  Use an Energy Healing session to clear the old patterns acquired from family and environment that keep us on the treadmill of same old, same old.  Experience life with new eyes, new energy and create amazing results.

Energy Healing Techniques including Rapid Eye Therapy, Reiki, polarity, imagery, and self-care tools assist you in clearing out the closet of what no longer serves you, sharpening your focus and resolving old stuck thinking that recreates ‘same stuff, different day’ over and over.   Rapid Eye uses blinking, breathing and bilateral eye movement techniques to assist the body with processing its frightened parts.

Clear your stress, reawaken your natural REM sleep process (with RET) and live the life you desire.   This drug-free modality will assist you in your journey safely, quickly and naturally.  Processing your fear, pain, shame, and guilt will give you increased resilience to change, greater clarity, and deeper insight.

Claudia Bianca, MRET shares more than 11,000 clinical hours and 30 years in Energy Healing Techniques.  She has been seeing clients in Summit County since 2002.

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