Are you ready to reclaim your light?

Is abuse, addiction, anger, depression, grief, dysfunctional family and relationship dysfunctional patterns derailing your life?  Has life been so busy and hectic that you feel like you’ve lost your spiritual essence? Experience the most powerful pattern interrupt and optimal reframe process available today.  Once free from limiting patterns and behaviors of the past, there is energy for creating a joyful and healthy future.

Come to beautiful TAOS, New Mexico, and find your spiritual essence. With my unique approach and innovative cutting-edge techniques and processes, you will find yourself more alive and free than you’ve ever felt in your life.

 “Claudia is outstanding!!  She is intuitive, skilled, caring, and encouraging in your journey of growth and healing.  She’s everything you would want in someone you are trusting to help guide you along the way.  Claudia’s Casa Luz Del Alma (house of the light of the soul) in Taos, NM, is absolutely beautiful, and offers a warm and intimate atmosphere for the classes, Reiki Attunements, and Immersions that she gives there.    Thank you, Claudia, for showing me so much on so many levels!!  You’re the best!!!” K.M.”




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all gathered to open your ability to love yourself and others through these healing processes. Share your stories, ask your questions, and above all…  IN JOY!! 
When you are UP you can achieve and accomplish anything. Come rejuvenate your soul and reclaim your light.  Be all that you can be.   Do your personal work with Claudia Bianca, MRET, 575•751•4551 who has more than 11,000 clinical hours logged in Energy Healing Techniques – her passionate presentation for this work will inspire you and fill you with hope while it empowers you to make it all happen.
Let me show you how…