Is Negative Thinking Dangerous?

We have all been exposed to the benefits of positive thinking, we’ve read the stories of complete turnarounds in someone’s life by changing their thinking about a situation and even felt the difference in our own life when the ‘gift’ of a situation exposes itself and we get it.   What about negative thinking?  Is it just more of an irritation and obstacle maker, or can it have detrimental effects on our life, health, and mind?

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When we are throwing out the word multi-tasking a lot, we are just kidding ourselves.  Even the person that you are talking to on the phone while you are typing and texting, can tell you aren’t present.  Full presence feels very different from someone multi-tasking.  In so many ways.

Distraction would be the first thing that shows up, followed by inattentive, using many pauses (eh? Huh? Umm) in their sentences. Continue reading

Harmful Beliefs

We all have them… and contrary to what many believe, harmful beliefs aren’t one-dimensional.  They have consequences in our cells, immune system, thoughts, and increase our level of stress and inflammation.  They dictate our reflex reactions as well as impacting mood, emotions, and view of life.

How often have we felt rigid, closed-minded, habitual, old beliefs, attitudes that bring stress to ourselves and others …us-vs-them thinking?  Continue reading


It seems the New Year gives most of us a sense of hope….could it be the connections from the holidays, seeing our life differently and then resolving change, or calendar once again rolling to another number.  Time marches on…we know that no matter how bleak, the calendar will roll to another year.   The New Year is a fresh start, like when you hated middle school and optimistically stepped into high school.

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Feeling Unfulfilled?

Have you tried over and over to maintain a feeling of fulfillment – all to no avail?   This leads to disappointment in life, ourselves and others.  We can feel spiritually bankrupt.  Let’s switch this around.

If we know the steps that lead us to true fulfillment (or even the questions to ask), we can duplicate them with miraculous results.  Our soul feels fulfilled by first, human experience.  That is why we chose to come here at all.  Continue reading