We are reviewing a time where profit came before people and planet – and the devastating result that has created.  Our society thrived on stories of get rich quick, top dog, and the greed seemed to entice rather than repel us.  We are now shifting to a more real way of being on the planet.  Continue reading


Events, occurrences, conditions, happenings, circumstances – are all created out of some level of consciousness.  Life gives us plenty of “wake up” calls that come along with choices.   The choices we make create a result or effect, painting a portrait of who we are. Continue reading

CIAO, Bella

Old BellaSaying goodbye to a beloved pet after 16 years is a journey that I have been blessed with.   The question of letting her die naturally or putting her down came up more than once for me.  I share this story with you in the hope it will tell some of our journey should you be at the same crossroads with your beloved pet and assist you in making an informed choice.   Whatever choice you make, will be perfect for you and your pet. Continue reading


We all experience the frustration rising up when our connection to the internet is slow, our television is fuzzy, or the cell phone drops a call.  When our connection to each other has interference, it feels just as frustrating.  How important is connection?  Without it we have little excitement about just being here and living day to day.  We lose valuable information that can shape our perceptions of each other, events or relationships as well as add joy or struggle to our daily lives.  

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