It seems the New Year gives most of us a sense of hope….could it be the connections from the holidays, seeing our life differently and then resolving change, or calendar once again rolling to another number.  Time marches on…we know that no matter how bleak, the calendar will roll to another year.   The New Year is a fresh start, like when you hated middle school and optimistically stepped into high school.

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Feeling Unfulfilled?

Have you tried over and over to maintain a feeling of fulfillment – all to no avail?   This leads to disappointment in life, ourselves and others.  We can feel spiritually bankrupt.  Let’s switch this around.

If we know the steps that lead us to true fulfillment (or even the questions to ask), we can duplicate them with miraculous results.  Our soul feels fulfilled by first, human experience.  That is why we chose to come here at all.  Continue reading

Can I PUSH Divine Timing?

We all believe we are on a schedule and we control it… so what is happening when we try to do something and the pieces don’t fall into place or roadblocks suddenly appear?  What about our reaction – feeling frustrated or angry that it isn’t happening?

Sometimes we get so focused on checking things off our list, we forget that there is some other energy playing out here.  Continue reading

Feeling Triggered??

This past week or two has many on the edge of their comfort zone.  Whether triggered from past experiences of trauma or abuse, or from watching such an unbalanced process unfold, the result is the same.  Feelings of sadness, hyper-sensitivity, vulnerability, anger, grief and depression.  Often overreacting to a statement made during the hearing is something many are experiencing.  It yanks the memories of past abuse to the surface to rail once again.  This can leave us feeling out of control, off balance, and isolated.

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Talk to Yourself?

Somehow the play (and then movie) Shirley Valentine gave many permission to talk to themselves out loud.  In fact, I remember shopping in a grocery store in the late 80’s and I was talking to myself about the crackers I would buy.  When I looked up a man was watching me (with a smile on his face) and I said “Shirley Valentine” and he burst into a wide grin and said, “Wasn’t that a great movie?”  I believe that movie did more for understanding the expanded mindset than all the self-help books to date at that time.

Could ‘talking to ourselves’ have a different meaning that we are grasping now?  When we talk to ourselves, it creates a stream of consciousness in our body/mind. Continue reading