Talk to Yourself?

Somehow the play (and then movie) Shirley Valentine gave many permission to talk to themselves out loud.  In fact, I remember shopping in a grocery store in the late 80’s and I was talking to myself about the crackers I would buy.  When I looked up a man was watching me (with a smile on his face) and I said “Shirley Valentine” and he burst into a wide grin and said, “Wasn’t that a great movie?”  I believe that movie did more for understanding the expanded mindset than all the self-help books to date at that time.

Could ‘talking to ourselves’ have a different meaning that we are grasping now?  When we talk to ourselves, it creates a stream of consciousness in our body/mind. Continue reading

Body/Mind Healing Modality

One of the most important premises of Body/mind healing modalities is that the body does what the mind instructs.   This means that being conscious of what our mind is saying to our body will make a difference in our life results.   It also means that giving our mind positive instructions to give to the body will change our responses and therefore our creations on a physical, mental and emotional plane. Continue reading

End Game of Trusting the Process

We’ve all heard on some level about surrender and let go… sometimes easier said than done.  Why does this seem important on so many fronts?  What are the indicators that you are actually doing this?

As humans, we have the innate desire to control, and to believe that we know best.  This is a way for us to feel safe, even if our intentions don’t work out… Continue reading

What is Your Inner Dialogue Saying?

Feeling loved and supported by what you hear as your inner dialogue?  If you have many should, ought to, must, could have, and would have been in your life, it may be a good time to clear and ask for a reboot.  We all get information from our environment, parents, teachers, media, and partners that can lift us up or push us down.  Then if we add in our own doubts, fears, and anxieties, it can quickly become a downward spiral that seems to get in our way and leave us alone and wavering in our trust of the process.

What do we do about it?  Using Energy Healing is a good place to start.  Continue reading

What is ReLease and ReFrame?

We were all born into a body that people used to believe was a “blank slate” waiting to be written upon.  Now we know that we actually move into a body that has some patterns and experiences stored in it already.  Every experience your parents (and their parents, and their parents – back 4-7 generations) had was stored in a cell in their body for future reference.  When you were conceived you got that information in the body you inhabited and began writing your own experiences in the womb into the body as well.  Some experiences are valuable even today and others simply don’t apply to our lives. Continue reading