It’s so much easier to see ourselves as buffeted by the wind, influenced by having no other choices, restricted by rules or circumstances — rather than steering our own ship.  So, how can we more consciously create the outcomes in our life? Continue reading

Intentions Matter

Can having intentions that are positive create health in our lives? The answer is most definitely YES!  Our consciousness directly affects our health and healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  Our mind/body is set up to meet all our needs directly and spontaneously which is usually occurring without our conscious knowing.  Continue reading

What is My Intuitive Connection?

It begins with balance.  First, we must commit ourselves to right action along with spiritual awareness.  Combining these two creates an accountability and responsibility for our own choices, paths and outcomes.

Our intuitive connection is that ability to check in with our body/mind systems and not solely rely on logic or impulse.  We check in by just taking a moment to notice how what we just said, thought or did affected our internal flow.  Is the flow calm, our heartbeat normal and our thought pattern clear?  Or is the flow disjointed, feeling agitated, racing heart, confusion and blocked?  Continue reading

How Can I Increase Self-Confidence?

What is missing that would enable me to make better choices, see more opportunities and feel good about my life?  Self-confidence.  I seem to be on a treadmill of repeating the same dull choices over and over in my life and I am beginning to get bored.  I thought life would be exciting – it seems to me that others have an exciting life filled with new opportunities.  What is missing for me? What am I forgetting? Continue reading