Rapid Eye Technology

REM Sleep Processing technique with RAPID EYE TECHNOLOGY

at beautiful Casa Luz Del Alma in Taos, NM with Claudia Bianca, MRET with more than 11,000 clinical hours logged and 30 years experience in Energy Healing Techniques – her passionate presentation for this work will inspire you and fill you with hope while it empowers you to make it all happen.

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How Can Rapid Eye Technology Assist Me?

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is among the many new forms of energy medicine emerging into the mainstream to facilitate rapid healing. Learn how to release stressful emotional, mental and physical patterns using eye blinking, eye movement, stress reduction energy work, and special breathing techniques.

Rapid Eye has shown itself to be a powerful tool in accelerating development and personal growth.  Identify and release stress factors in your life.

Get relief from depression, anger, grief, anxiety, and fears as you address personal and family patterns of emotional hurt and self-defeating behaviors.  RET works to release these limiting patterns and beliefs.  Once free from limiting patterns and behaviors set up from the past, there is energy for creating a healthy, joyful future.  Clients report they feel immediate benefits, experience wholeness and feel resolution in each session.

“Contacting Claudia and beginning RET with her is one of the most defining experiences in my life.   I was able to resolve personal issues that had impacted my life for 30 years.  Claudia uses her intellect, training, intuition and experience to provide us the opportunity for personal growth and healing.” JF, OR

Science and nature teach us that energy is never lost, it only changes form.  We each have an unconscious belief system stored within the deepest parts of our psyche composed of emotions and messages that cause distorted perceptions, irrational behavior, and even illness.  This collection of unprocessed emotions contains our own experiences along with those we inherited in our DNA (See Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra).   In fact, many researchers believe that most of our concepts or world-views are given to us as we experience conception, gestation, and birth.  Our DNA carries the imprinted experiences of our parents, grandparents (all of our ancestors) in the cells of the body.  This is the cellular memory.  Particular patterns tend to run in a family until it is broken or resolved.  As we release unprocessed emotions, we not only heal our own lives but lessen the emotional baggage for future generations as we pass our cleared DNA information on to our descendants.  Rapid Eye provides a way for the trapped, distorted emotional messages to be processed and released from the mind/body at a cellular level while at the same time providing a nuturing and safe place to process.

What do you want to achieve – and what keeps you from it?  RET can assist you in releasing old patterns that keep you from self-awareness and accomplishing your goals.

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What is Rapid Eye Technology?

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a natural, safe way to release emotional stress and trauma.  Accessing the whole mind/body system while in an awake state allows you to be in control of your own journey.  It is a technique that empowers individuals to live a happy, productive life by releasing negative belief systems, thought forms, and emotions – all of which contribute to emotional stress.

At the heart of Rapid Eye is a technology that affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Using blinking, breathing, and eye movement techniques, Rapid Eye gently simulates a condition of sleep known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which happens during dreaming and is our body’s natural discharge technique.   RET assists you to learn and apply new Skills for Life to create the life you really want.

The basis of the RET model is that you must process trauma on all levels: mental trauma at the mental level, emotional trauma at the emotional level, and physical trauma at the physical level.  Trapped trauma residues, distorted belief patterns, and unwanted negative emotions are the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing the truth of who we truly are.  Therefore, to simply read a book about dysfunctional behavior would be an inadequate way to overcome the emotional or physical effects of the dysfunction.
The miracle of Rapid Eye Technology is that the client does not have to relive every traumatic event in order to release the attendant stress.  Clients are conscious and always have control of their sessions.  As a RETech I am well trained to facilitate rather than control.   I see you as whole and healed (the master plan) and hold you in that space during sessions.  Through RET sessions and Life Skills (education), the body soon catches up to the place of being whole and healed.

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How Does Rapid Eye Technology work?

During REM sleep we process, clear and integrate our days’ experiences; the eyes move rapidly under the eyelids and the eyelids blink or twitch.  Rapid Eye simulates REM with an eye-directing device moving rapidly in a neuro-linguistic pattern in front of the clients’ eyes.  The peripheral vision picks this up and the brain thinks it is in REM sleep.  This fast movement of the wand supports the mind/body in accessing memory.  The technician quickly moves the wand in various patterns to find sources of stress, watching the clients’ eye movement for clues (when we look down we are accessing feeling memory, when we look up we are accessing visual memory, etc).  As the client blinks and breathes deeply, trapped messages and trapped life force energy in the mind and body are accessed and released.  Since the body is accustomed to REM sleep, it feels safe and already knows how to access the neural pathways and release the trapped energy stored there.

There are specific techniques to slow down or speed up the process for each client.  We all have excellent survival systems.  Our psyches will only allow us to release trauma as fast as we are able to assimilate the changes.  Our REM does this at night when we sleep.  The premise with RET is that the mind/body was created to clear themselves and Rapid Eye allows us to achieve this one layer at a time.

The language of our mental perceptions is communicated through the responses of our physical bodies via symbolism.  That is the body “talks” to us.  Consider what your body might be telling you if you felt a pain in your chest.  Could you be experiencing heartache or sadness there?  Opening yourself to the possibility that your body is “speaking” to you in its own language implies that you can conduct a “conversation” with it and heal your body.  This communication may be accomplished through just listening and being aware of your body on the physical level of understanding.

RET assists in this conversation process.  Your body knows what it is saying and you know what you are saying.  The language difference gets in the way.  Once you know the body’s language, it is merely a matter of mutual understanding.  The nervous system of your body shares this language with every other part of the body system.  Feelings in one part of your body are instantly shared with every other part of your body through this communication.  It is very effective until a distortion or block exists.  Interestingly enough, your body knows the location and nature of all these distortions and blocks.

Because RET is a natural system that utilizes the body’s own system of communication, it is highly effective in releasing emotional trauma held in the body without having to re-live the event.  Your body already knows what is ready to be released; now you can understand how to release it through RET!

Rapid Eye gives you the opportunity to “blink it out“.

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Can RET Be Used on Children?

Yes, Rapid Eye is used successfully with children.  Sessions for children are often shorter in duration because their defense systems are not as entrenched as adults, and they have shorter attention spans.  Five years old is usually the minimum age for effective treatment.  Children younger than that are processed through proxy (parent runs their issues).  It is always recommended that the parents clear their issues as well during a child’s RET experience, to avoid re-creating the same issues again.

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One-on-one session for clients who wish to do their work one session at a time
       (suggested minimum package of six sessions)
Immersion Packages for those interested in deep, profound change quickly.
Travel sessions (i.e. to Colorado or Santa Fe) will include a $15 charge per session.

SKYPE Online Sessions

This is a wonderful modality for clients when they are unable to come to the office.  Clear the energy in the privacy of your own home.  The release is real  – a very effective tool.   Call or email for details on how to set this up.

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