Life Skills


The purpose of Life Skills is to help you identify your nonproductive beliefs, and become aware of the power you have within yourself to change the circumstances of your life.  Free Life Skills workbook (under quick links).

“I was talking with a VET friend who has gone through a long period of counseling and he has not resolved nearly as much as I have in your sessions.   I feel good about myself and that is important.  Thanks to you.”  GK

Thought is energy – shaped by your intentions (this is how we create).  Thought is our ability to manifest.  What you intend becomes your reality.  Change your intent and change your life!

Understand your world is based on your experience filtered through your judgments. Energy is just energy (neutral)… until a perception is placed upon it!

Choice & Accountability
Unlimited choice is the center of our evolutionary process. Each choice is a choice of your intention… you are always free to choose again.

Cause & Effect
Each experience and each change in your experience reflects an intention that was thought by you. Whatever you give energy to… comes back multiplied.

Abundance and Gratitude
We constantly have an abundance of whatever we believe we deserve. When you believe in “lack” consciousness, you get paid by not having enough. With gratitude for all of life’s gifts, you will see abundance in your life. You feed it… it grows.

Health & Healing
Physical pain is the language the body uses to let us know something “isn’t working”! Learn how providing balance brings health to your life. Love heals.

Harmony & Rhythm
There is a rhythm to all creation. When you resist the natural rhythm or “flow” of life, you create disharmony, discomfort, and pain. Harmony is the basic rhythm of all creations.