The Movie… “The Living Matrix”

Wanted to take a moment to review this movie since it is so tied into the work we do with Rapid Eye Technology.  This is a great marriage of quantum physics, biology and the newer ‘stuff’ we are learning about.   Long ago, Newtonian Physics created a world of separation from ourselves and others by focusing on the matter of life and ignoring the field.  Looking at the body as a machine with separate parts that run exclusively of each other.  This is rigid cause and effect.  

In Rapid Eye, we work in the field to interrupt old, outmoded patterns and correct the information the body is receiving into “what our clients would rather have in their lives”.    We don’t diagnose, judge or counsel.  The client gets to choose, which is the ultimate empowerment.   Energy healing creates a field of loving, healing information to influence the body to restore and turn on it’s self-repairing mechanisms.  These mechanisms allow us to accept all that happens to us in “trust of the process” and creates gratitude in our lives for everything that occurs.   This creates an emotional shift in our perception.  ONE emotional shift in perception (from anger to forgiveness, from hate to love, mad to acceptance) creates 1400 bio-chemical changes to occur instantly in the body. 

Traditional western medicine says that all we have is enzymes and hormones controlling our body/mind system – ignoring the consciousness, emotions or body field.  This explanation is inadequate to explain the majesty and scope of human behavior, healing or sickness.    Mind or spirit (which are called intelligent energy fields) is primary in the process of healing (what we believe will occur in the body).  This is the foundation of  holistic healing.  

Western medicine attributes one third of all healing to the placebo effect.  Yet, they don’t look at fields which are directly affected by our beliefs and instead concentrate on the particles.   Quantum Physics says that the field is what influences the particles (matter) and that to change their behavior, you must work in the field to truly heal.    We are in constant communication with the field and this possibly occurs through bio-photons or weak emmissions of light from the cells.  

Epigenetics states that the signals are in our fields (influenced by the environment) rather than in the matter.  Genes rather than controlling our biology are simply the unlimited potentials that the body field can choose to take from a cell.   Our heartbeat synchronizes the organs of the body when it beats, pulses and emits energy.  Interestingly, the heart responds to information faster than the brain.  

Informational medicine is the future of healing – medicine that changes distorted information (which creates disease) into healing information.  Once this distorted information is corrected, the body heals.  Negative information creates a cascade of chemicals that direct the way we react (STRESS) and affects the health of our body.   You can have this “future of medicine” right now with Rapid Eye Technology.

Rapid Eye is the perfect tool to release the stress, reduce the negative flow of information and reframe the cells into the health, happiness and prosperity we all desire.   This is an exciting time to be on the Earth and this shift in how we look at healing can help everyone on the planet.  I suggest that all RETechs watch this movie and share it with your clients as well.  Feel free to comment on this review or add ideas of your own from watching the movie….Thanks!!

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