You Make a Difference!

With the New Year, most of us are thinking of eating better, exercising more and setting some goals.  A suggestion might be that we think of the difference we make in everyone’s life we touch – be it family, friends or the checkout person in the grocery store.  Let’s bring this awareness first to ourselves and then be mindful of it in 2014.  Everything you think say or do changes this world on some level.   If we feed the fear, we will have more fear in the world.  If we express the anger, we will see more anger everywhere we go.   If we turn the anxiety in on ourselves, we will create increasingly dire health problems.  

benchTo say that our emotional health directly reflects our physical health is not such a far stretch for most of us.  This is not to lay blame… rather to request that we notice what our reactions to the daily events in our lives creates in our bodies for good or bad.  When we feel anxiety or a sudden drop in self-esteem, replay what we just said, thought or did.  If that increases the negative “ugh” feeling, then instantly cancel the thought and reframe it (do this by simply saying “What I really want to happen is …”).   We are slowly learning that there is no magic pill to create joy in our lives, no turning of the day on a calendar, nor addition or subtraction of a new food, berry or grain.  The only way to create the world we want to play our life out in is through careful “cause and effect” diligence.  No one can be inside your mind or your body and tell you what is happening, except you.  THAT is the good news.  Pay attention, change how you see your day to day life, and feel gratitude for all that you have in life.  Some days just finding a simple thing (I am grateful for the blue sky today) can make all the difference in your day and world.  As we make a difference in our world, it ripples out to affect everything and everyone we share this planet with.

RET can assist you to stay out of fear,  fight your way out of negative thinking and focus on the good in yourself and your life.  Now is the time to create the change in your life and increase available energy.  Use a Rapid Eye session to clear the old patterns acquired from family and environment that keep us on the treadmill of hesitation and fear.  Experience life with new eyes, new energy and create amazing results.

Claudia Bianca, MRET is a Master Rapid Eye Therapist/RET Trainer sharing more than twenty one years of private practice with Rapid Eye Technology.  She is located in beautiful Taos, New Mexico offering private individual sessions, Immersion programs, Reiki Attunements and Rapid Eye Certifications and workshops.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and thank you.

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