Creating a Soft Focus

Remaining balanced in our lives between ego and our spiritual self is a delicate tightrope at times.  So many distractions and often we are “fully in our pattern of anxiety, fear and anger” before we realize we were headed there and yanked into an explosion of emotion.

Some triggers we might experience that let us know we are seeing the small picture are: Continue reading

Stop Hurting Yourself

Self-sabotage in all of its myriad of forms is one of the more devastating human conditions.  When we get out of balance in our lives with too much or too little of something, we strive for equilibrium and will do just about anything to create that adrenaline rush to make us feel alive.  Impatience can even cause us to derail a wonderful job, relationship or living situation.  Our desire to be right – see, I TOLD you that wouldn’t work for me – can even trump our best of intentions.  Continue reading

Time to Reinvigorate Relationships

After a good ski season, it’s time to focus on our relationships that may have taken a back seat to days on the mountain, or vertical feet logged.  Spring is reinvigorating everything so the example is all around us.  When we are happily doing something we love and it makes us feel good, we can miss cues in our intimate relationships that someone is needing some support, encouragement or just to be listened to.  So as spring bursts all around us, let’s take that energy and focus and put it closer to home. Continue reading

How to Create Healthy Boundaries

Most of us know what it feels like when we establish and hold a healthy boundary.  When we don’t loan money to friend/family that hasn’t repaid the $200 they ‘borrowed’ two years ago, when we don’t bail someone out of yet one more drama-filled scenario that sounds remarkably like the three previous scenarios, or when we choose to say ‘no’ to an invite if for no other reason other than we don’t want to go. Continue reading