Do You Have Mental Indigestion? (too much of a good thing)

We are enmeshed in the information age and it is causing STRESS!  Slogging through the 90 plus emails a day, and reading the online news is a lot to bombard our body/mind system with.  Did you know that the Sunday edition of the New York Times contains more information than a person at the beginning of the twentieth century encountered in their whole lifetime? Continue reading

Panic Attacks – POOF! Gone (a client’s journey)

With upmost gratitude, I share a journey from one of my clients in the hope that her story will address your questions.

“I started on a path of healing right out of high school.  Growing up in an abusive household, with parents who were too mentally ill to take care of their children’s basic needs, I was saddled with years of accumulated neglect and repressed emotion that wreaked havoc on my health.  My twenties were about learning to undo the damage that had been done:  cleaning out parasites and heavy metals, strengthening my immune system, and finding a way to curb the crippling anxiety and depression that never seemed to go away.  Continue reading

Distraction to Integration

Where were you when you heard of the shooting in California?  For just a moment, you could hear and feel the silence all around you.  It was as if the country took a big inhale and then held it for a time.  Deeply feeling the empty space left behind.  Continue reading

Doubt Destroys Awareness

When we question the choices we make in the first place; it is hard to let go.  Doubt ties us to our past and keeps us stuck.  We must release the doubt before making any critical choices.  If we add doubt to what we actually want to create, it will not have the results we are seeking.  Continue reading

Why Do I Take the Bait?

We’ve all met people that put out the bait to fight, blast, complain, criticize, or gossip.  Why do I always feel ‘hooked’ by them?  Other people can walk away and yet I seem to be in the middle of it all without even realizing I engaged them. Continue reading