Doubt Destroys Awareness

When we question the choices we make in the first place; it is hard to let go.  Doubt ties us to our past and keeps us stuck.  We must release the doubt before making any critical choices.  If we add doubt to what we actually want to create, it will not have the results we are seeking.  Continue reading

Why Do I Take the Bait?

We’ve all met people that put out the bait to fight, blast, complain, criticize, or gossip.  Why do I always feel ‘hooked’ by them?  Other people can walk away and yet I seem to be in the middle of it all without even realizing I engaged them. Continue reading

Release the Shadow

We’ve often heard of shadow energy.  What is it?  How do we resolve and release it?

Shadow energy is coming from the fright/flight part of our brain.  It sees raw threat where there may not be any, and is concerned with survival.  It is paired with intense feeling.

If you find yourself thinking…

  • I am so hurt, it will never go away.
  • Attack!
  • People put me in pain.
  • Danger! Danger! I might die.
  • I don’t deserve to exist.
  • No one loves me.

You are in the lower brain and this cycle is a tough one to break. Continue reading

What is the brain doing in REM sleep?

In RET as an energy healing technique, we move the eyes in patterns to allow the mind to refresh it’s screen. This way it allows the body to look again and shift perceptions which assists in healing incorrect thinking (which can happen in an instant). Nice to see that science is looking at this (albeit 30 years later)…. give your stress level more ‘refresh’ time and change what you look at.  Call me for an appointment.

Check out this article (synopsis below) from BBC news on a study from Dr. Yuval Nir, from Tel Aviv University in Israel

For the first time, scientists have recorded from individual brain cells during the dreaming phase of sleep.

After each rapid eye movement (REM) they recorded bursts of activity that match what happens when we are awake and we see – or imagine – a new image.

Continue reading

Creating a Soft Focus

Remaining balanced in our lives between ego and our spiritual self is a delicate tightrope at times.  So many distractions and often we are “fully in our pattern of anxiety, fear and anger” before we realize we were headed there and yanked into an explosion of emotion.

Some triggers we might experience that let us know we are seeing the small picture are: Continue reading