Season of Giving

This is the holiday’s…and we all hear the “season of giving” many times a day!  What comes to mind for you when you hear that?  Gifts?  Wrapping Paper?  Shopping?   Baking?  Lights?  These are the things drummed into us each waking hour until the end of the year.  Yes, you can turn off the TV, not go to the grocery store for a month, and say no to the Holiday parties – maybe there is another way?

A perceptual shift on what giving really is might help… Continue reading

Translation in Transformation

How much influence does translation have in our transformation to being all we can be?   A LOT!   If we see our experiences and take them all personally, we can easily become paralyzed with self-doubt, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  We each have our personal power of translation… Continue reading


 Last month we talked about reflection as a type of transformation in your life.  This month let’s look at enlargement or resizing a feeling, thought or belief.  If you believe you are unlovable, you will only see those that treat you in a less than loving manner.

What if you took that unlovable feeling and made it HUGE and then imagine stepping into this huge feeling and looking around as an observer.  When you see the part of yourself that feels unlovable, how can you describe that person? Continue reading

Reflection as a Tool

We all experience so much in hindsight…it’s such a great teacher.   Without hindsight, we would continue on a forward-only path (myopic) repeating patterns that don’t serve us or work in the current environment.  Hindsight is how we evolve our patterns from ‘no longer working’ to a perfect fit for the moment. Continue reading

YOU Have the Power

What is the ultimate power in our lives?   Some believe it is money, things, environment, friends or experiences.  Those are simply influences on our true power.  Can you guess it already?   Love.

We come from love and return to love (it is the stuff of our soul), so in our existence here, how much of that energy of love can we put into our flow of money, things, environment, friends, and experiences?  The more we stir love into the recipe, the results are nothing less than astonishing. Continue reading